Amendments to the rules on insurance of agricultural products with state support have come into force in Ukraine.

These changes will make insurance more affordable for farmers. Farmers will be able to insure their products and receive compensation from the state for part of the insurance premium - up to 60%.

This instrument of state support will ensure financial stability for the agricultural sector, which is a strategic sector of Ukraine's economy. Farmers will be able to protect their risks and compensate for losses in case of unforeseen events.

INGO has many years of experience in agricultural insurance, optimal insurance programs and specialists who can help with agricultural risk management.

We are optimistic about the start of the state agricultural insurance programs and are ready to join them.

"It is a good sign that the government has paid attention to the situation with supporting farmers through insurance. We hope that all the bylaws necessary to launch the state programs will be adopted and this mechanism of support for the agricultural sector will be fully operational in the near future," said Sergey Krivosheev, Head of Corporate Insurance at INGO.

He added that the company has previously worked with government programs in agricultural insurance and is ready to do so now.

Last year, INGO paid out UAH 2,588,256.82 in this type of insurance.

"INGO has been operating in the insurance market since 1994 and is among the largest insurance organizations in Ukraine in terms of premiums, own assets and insurance claims.