In August 2022, INGO insurance company accrued UAH 25 million for paying indemnities under voluntary health insurance policies. Another 4.7 million hryvnias were accrued for paying indemnities under accident insurance contracts. In total, more than 15,500 medical services were organized during this month, which is higher by 17% than in July.

The number of daily appeals continues to grow. If in July, approximately 1,100 people applied for medical assistance every day, then in August, this number is 1,300 persons daily. And this does not yet take into account the stage of seasonal diseases, which usually begins at the end of September.

Most often in August, the insured applied for medical consultations (+21%), received medications (+22%) and underwent instrumental diagnostics (+23%). The demand for dentistry (-3%) and ophthalmology (-8%) decreased slightly, but the number of hospitalizations increased by 13%. The number of vitaminizations increased by 68%.