In Q2, 2023, the persons insured by «INGO» received medical assistance in the amount of over UAH 110 million.

The amount of indemnities under accident insurance programs has also increased. During April-June 2023, the company will pay more than for the same period in the last year. The indemnity applications have already been confirmed for the amount of more than UAH 13.5 million.

According to the Personal Insurance Division, the average number of customer inquiries remains at a fairly high level - approximately 1,500 contacts per day, but is slightly less than in the winter-spring period.

As for the analysis of the popularity of services, it is noted that in this quarter there is a noticeable recovery in the number of provided medicines. It turned out that the winter slump was a temporary phenomenon, and this period showed a positive trend of increasing the number of medicines compared to previous years. There is also an increased demand for diagnostic services, which continues from September 2022. The consultations of doctors remain at a stable level without significant changes. The remaining groups of services, although they make up less than 20% of the total number, do not show any pronounced changes, with the exception of medical examination, the volume of which has doubled in recent months compared to previous indicators.

«INGO company continues to work on improving its services and expanding coverage in order to meet the needs of our clients in reliable health insurance», said Head of Personal Insurance Serhiy Maistrenko. - «We are grateful to all our clients for their trust and promise to continue to provide them with the best solutions in the field of insurance.»
Sergiy Maistrenko
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