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Health Insurance

Indemnity is paid directly to healthcare facilities .

Own medical centers “INGO”

Find out how much your health insurance cover will cost

Outpatient and polyclinic care
Emergency dental care
First aid and emergency care within 50 km outside the city
Medication support in case of outpatient and polyclinic care
Emergency and routine inpatient care
Calling a doctor within 50 km outside Kyiv on the basis of the calculated clinic

What is Health insurance?

Medical insurance - a guarantee that in case of illness you will receive medical assistance.

Best Friend of Sound Health

What does the insurance cover?

We developed several programs of the voluntary health insurance based on many years of experience and the desires of regular clients.

The insurance covers all phases: disease diagnosis, medical assistance, treatment until full recovery and health improvement.

These programs are aimed at indemnification for costs on the health recovery resulting from:

  • Acute disease or health condition
  • Chronic disease in the exacerbation phase
  • Chronic disease in the fading phase
  • Accident (injuries, burns, poisonings)

Here are just a few steps:

Fill out an application for a policy
Choose an insurance policy
Pay and obtain a contract

Indicate preliminary data about yourself
to find out the cost of health insurance cover

Health insurance with INGO !

Choosing your health insurance cover is a serious decision. We are talking about our health.

That is why we suggest trusting such an important issue to the insurance company, which proved its stability for 25 years – both in its work and performance of its liabilities.

Moreover, “INGO” is the founder of health insurance in Ukraine (we have started working with the health insurance since 1996).

Over 800 healthcare facilities

Our portfolio includes the partner relationships with over 400 clinics, 120 hospitals, 90 pharmacy chains. In total, over 800 healthcare facilities.

The health insurance from INGO is the guarantee that everything will pass quickly, reliably and without a hitch.

We are always there for you, stay constantly on the phone and provide a comprehensive support at all stages of interaction.

Here are just a few facts:

UAH 334.4 mln
We paid for 2021 on health insurance

х 100
It is about
100 apartments in Kyiv
62 %

Indemnity level is 62% (it is by 22% higher than the average level on the market)

clients’ applications

processed each day, just on heath insurance

High service standards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The occurrence is your application to the healthcare facility specified in the insurance contract. Namely: sudden deterioration of the health condition, acute disease, exacerbation of chronic disease, injury, poisoning and effects of accidents.
In the health insurance, the sum insured is the amount within which the insurance company indemnifies for the policy holder’s costs incurred to pay for medical services covered by the insurance program.
If during the medical treatment, the policy holder reaches the limit of insurance coverage, then the insurance program expires, so the patient pays balance of the amount at his own cost.
The voluntary health insurance contract is concluded for one year.
The insurance program of INGO Ukraine allows for indemnification for the costs as per the receipts provided, if the Insured decided to pay for treatment at his own cost.
Meanwhile, it is better to first address to us so that we recommend competent doctors and the clinic (there’s 90% probability that the clinic you are interested in is on the list of our partners).
For calling the ambulance we have a dedicated phone number: (044) 495-82-03.
Experience shows that if you call the ambulance using it, the ambulance comes faster.
As soon as you have your health insurance policy in hand, you may use any medical service covered by your insurance program. You may start using your policy from the effective date of the contract, as they say, “even tomorrow” (on a same day basis, we do not issue).

About us:

Over 25 years of experience on the market

28 licenses for different classes of compulsory and voluntary insurance

Represented by 22 affiliates for servicing clients all over Ukraine

We provide insurance services to corporate and retail clients

Get Health Insurance Price

Call us at tel. 0 800 2155 53 or email us at - to get answers to your questions and decide on the most comfortable insurance program option.

Or send your request using this simple form - we will reply to you throughout the day.

Top 5

Forinsurer – Ranking of insurance companies

JSIC “INGO ” is one of
top 5 insurance companies
in terms of indemnity payment
on the health insurance
according to Forinsurer.

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