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Green Card

To take it out online is simple and quick

It covers the owner and everyone driving a vehicle

Over UAH 60 mln of indemnities paid only in 2018

Find out how much Green Card will cost for your vehicle

damage caused to property (movable and immovable) of third parties
damage caused to health of third parties

What is Green Card?

It is the overseas vehicle owners' third-party liability insurance policy covering:

You do not pay fine and get into the “black list”

Green Card — Green Light on Foreign Road!

Here are just a few steps:

Fill out an application for a policy
Pay for a policy by bank transfer and receive a contract on your email
Send a photo of your passport, vehicle registration certificate and driving license via messenger and get an original policy by delivery

Indicate preliminary data about yourself and the car,
to find out the cost of the GC:

How much does Green Card cost?

Buy Green Card at INGO!

When the people need to buy a Green Card policy, just a few of them really wonder which insurance company they will trust. Because they approach this issue formally.

Meanwhile, when buying a policy, you need to clearly understand that you should cooperate with the insurance company which, in case of occurrence, performs all assumed obligations promptly and in full.

JSIC «INGO» — more than 25 years or work on the market of Ukraine.
It is experience, guarantee and serious reputation.

If you choose “INGO”, you choose STABILITY.

Some figures:

+ UAH 49.1 mln
Paid to clients in 2017
It is about
Land Rover cars
+ UAH 60 mln
Paid in 2018
It is about
We do not have a penny of debt to MTIBU

(it is the organization, which settles with Green Card system and then applies for coverage to INGO).

Take out Green Card online!

Top 3

Forinsurer – Ranking of insurance companies

JSIC “INGO” is one of top 3 insurance companies in terms of the compulsory ‘Green Card’ insurance in 2017 according to Forinsurer

Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘Green Card’ insurance contract is concluded for not less than fifteen calendar days and not more than 1 year.
‘Green Card’ policy is sold max. 30 days prior to the commencement of insurance period (i.e. prior to the date of planned overseas trip).
There are three ways to address this situation:

1. Obtain a duplicate ‘Green Card’ policy in Ukraine and then bring it to the country where the vehicle is located.

2. Send an application for issuing a duplicate policy by mail to the insurance company requesting to send a duplicate abroad. Taking into account the speed of operation of the Ukrainian Postal Service, you may wait for the answer for several weeks.
If the contract already came into force, to get a refund is impossible. However, it is possible, if the contract has not yet started being in force – the Insurer should prepare a written application to the insurance company regarding the waiver of ‘Green Card’ policy.
We recommend the following options of actions:

1. Buy a policy of the national third-party liability car insurance in the country of your stay – it replaces ‘Green Card’ policy and is valid on the territory of the country where it was issued.

2. Buy a Cross-Border Liability Insurance policy in the country of stay (in different countries, it has different name) – such policy may also replace ‘Green Card’ policy on the territory of some European countries (the countries are specified in the policy).
There are 2 types of ‘Green Card’ contracts:

1. The contract which covers the ‘Green Card’ member countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Croatia, Israel, Iran, Morocco, Moldova, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Tunis, Turkey.

2. The contract covering Russia, Belarus and Moldova, Azerbaijani.

About us:

Over 25 years of experience on the market

28 licenses for different classes of compulsory and voluntary insurance

Represented by 22 affiliates for servicing clients all over Ukraine

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