Specifics of Agricultural Insurance

What can you insure?

The agricultural insurance makes it possible to minimize the adverse effects of nature.

Crop growing
Insurance of crops, future crops, perennials
Insurance of various farm animals
Agricultural machinery
Insurance of self-propelled and mounted special equipment under CASCO risks

Main Reasons for the Loss of Crop

Subjects and Risks of Crop Insurance:

The insurance of agricultural business as the area of risky crop farming covers the minimization of risks during the crops for the winter period (growing of winter crops) and the insurance of the volume of future harvest.
Another subject is the perennials (fruit and berry crops, vineyards), namely - the cost of their restoration.

Crop Insurance Risks Can Cover Many Factors.

The list of adverse weather conditions and natural disasters includes:
  • hail and lightning,
  • drought or flood,
  • earth and water-earth mudslide,
  • hurricane, storm, dry wind, tornado, landslide, earthquake,
  • ice, frost,
  • prolonged rains, eruption, soaking.

    The crop can also be protected in case of the destruction due to fire, disease, mass reproduction of pests, wrongful acts of third parties.
  • Agricultural Machinery Insurance

    The agricultural insurance of special equipment is a mixed type, which combines the protection of agricultural machinery as property with CASCO risks. Due to this, the service has a reasonable cost.
    The subject of agricultural insurance contract can be almost any equipment, including self-propelled and mounted. The main risks include:
  • Theft, robbery and burglary.
  • Road accidents.
  • Damage due to weather anomalies.
  • Damage / destruction as a result of third party acts.
  • Farm animal Insurance

    How can I insure business?

    For complete information on available animal and crop insurance programs, you can contact the manager via a multi-channel phone or leave a request on the website.

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