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The decision on indemnity payment is taken within two days

Indemnity payment without visiting the insurance company

Repair only at certified service stations.

Take out insurance remotely and receive indemnity at the service station

damages caused by the road accident
carjacking and car theft
damages caused by natural disasters and fires
wrongful acts of third parties
total destruction of car caused by the road accident

What is CASCO?

It is when the insurance company indemnifies for your
costs arising out of:


There are several stages:

Fill in CASCO application
online on our website
Choose an insurance option
and time for inspection
Pay and receive a contract
by e-mail

Indicate preliminary data about yourself and your car
to get CASCO price:

Why CASCO from “INGO”?

Indemnity payment under CASCO
without any visit to
insurance company!

For the client, there are two main words in CASCO insurance —
“indemnification for costs” or “indemnity payment”.
And here, we move from words to actions, that is, to figures:

+ UAH 234 mln
Indemnities totaling were paid under CASCO in 2020
It is about
25 Lamborghini cars
+ UAH 295 mln
Indemnities totaling were paid under CASCO in 2021
It is about
45 Porsche cars
+UAH 1 000 000
We pay under CASCO daily
It is about
1 Toyota car
While you are reading this text (it takes 4 minutes), we already paid UAH 2,400

2400 UAH

How quickly is the decision taken on indemnity payment?

Under the procedure, the decision on indemnity payment is taken within 2 days, and the payment itself is made within 5 days.

In 70% of cases the decision on indemnity payment is taken for 1 day.

50 %
Upon occurrence, the clients immediately go to the service station, where they execute all documentation

50 %
The rest prefer to visit the insurance company

Frequently Asked Questions

You determine the effective date of your CASCO policy by yourself. It is indicated in the policy. However, there are two mandatory conditions:
  • You must no take out policy retroactively.
  • The policy starts having effect only after the vehicle inspection and payment of the insurance premium.
Yes, we carry out inspection and record its results by taking photos. It is necessary for proving or refuting the fact of existing damages.
Yes, you may. However, in case of concluding a contract for less than 1 year it is important to note that under the short-term contracts, the pricing increases.
  • For example, the policy price for half a year may be 60-70% of the policy price for 1 year.
You may terminate the insurance contract or reissue CASCO policy for a new car owner.
The deductible is the part of amount of damages that should be paid personally by the client. It may be whether some certain fixed amount or percent from the claim amount. The information on the amount of deductible is specified in the contract.
  • You may select one of several options of deductibles – however, it must be understood that the higher the deductible is, the lower the premium is paid for such insurance indemnification.
  • In case of receiving the insurance premium, if you decide to obtain funds, the amount of deductible will be deducted from the amount of damages estimated.
  • If you decide to choose payment for your vehicle repair in one of service centers authorized in JSIC “INGO”, you will need to pay the amount of deductible upon completion of the repair.
Yes, you may. The number of instalments and their payment period are discussed according to the insurance rules approved by the company.
Yes, if you insist on repairing your vehicle at the auto repair shop, which has no contractual relationships with the insurance company – you receive your indemnity in cash, equal to the amount estimated by the insurance company based on the findings of the damage survey.
Yes, provided that she is specified in the insurance contract, in the paragraph “Persons permitted to drive a car”.
Yes, in the insurance company “INGO” you may conclude any insurance contract for your electric car (third party only car insurance, CASCO, “Green card”).
The first thing you need to do is to call our hot line 0 800 305 553 (free of charge from landline and mobile phones all over Ukraine) and follow recommendations of the call center operator.
  • You do not need to go anywhere.
  • Our partner company, located in your city, will inspect your vehicle and execute necessary documents.

Top 5

Forinsurer – Ranking of insurance companies

JSIC “INGO” is one

of top five companies

in terms of CASCO indemnty

payment according to Forinsurer

About us:

Over 25 years of work experience on the market

28 licenses for different classes of compulsory and voluntary insurance

Represented by 22 branches for servicing clients all over Ukraine

We provide insurance services to corporate and retail clients

Get CASCO price

Call us at 0 800 305 553 or send email at to receive replies to your enquiries and determine the most comfortable option of CASCO insurance.

Or send a request, using this simple form – we will reply to you by end of the day.

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