The reinsurance is an instrument for protecting the financial standing of the insurance company. That is why INGO offers a qualitative / reliable reinsurance coverage based on the high financial sustainability, stability, European business experience and qualitative risk assessment.

By choosing INGO as your reinsurer, you choose:
  • individual approach to risk assessment that allows offering the most beneficial terms of reinsurance
  • high quality of service
  • full and timely performance of obligations under the reinsurance contracts
  • methodological assistance and underwriting support during all stages of conclusion of the insurance contract with a client
  • opportunity of conducting a pre-risk survey of the potential subject of insurance by our engineering center

INGO offers its partners:

  • facultative and obligatory reinsurance
  • proportional and non-proportional reinsurance coverage
  • insurance portfolio analysis – for developing the most beneficial offers
  • recommendations on the loss mitigation from our engineers and underwrites
  • professionalism of risk quotations and decision-making
  • full and timely loss settlement
  • opportunity to involve the world’s leading adjusters in settlement for mitigating and optimizing the amount of damages

We appreciate trust of our partners and are happy to cooperate with new partners.

Reinsurance capacity of INGO
  • UAH 1 200 mln under the property and technical risks insurance program. The program covers the property risks and the losses resulting from the business interruption (industrial and commercial property); risks of machinery breakdown; construction and erection risks (including the erection all risks insurance); construction and other special machinery as well as the electronic equipment insurance.
  • UAH 300 mln under the cargo reinsurance program
  • UAH 200 mln for railroad transport

Our key Reinsurers are the global leaders of the financial market, the IFS rating of which is higher than “A” assigned by the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s and AmBest.

The type of the obligatory contract is a non-proportional, excess of loss reinsurance contract.

INGO has an opportunity of facultative reinsurance of the risks exceeding the specified obligatory capacity at the Western leading insurance and reinsurance companies.

We implement the global experience in insurance, reinsurance and loss settlement.


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