Ukrainian insurance company INGO is a leader in customs guarantees: annual assessment of activities after NCTS implementation
11 october 2023
2 min.

Leader in customs guarantees: annual assessment of activities after NCTS implementation

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Kyiv, October 11, 2023 - One year has passed since Ukraine introduced the international common transit under the NCTS (New Computerized Transit System), known as "customs visa-free". During this period, more than 19.5 thousand movements initiated by the customs authorities of Ukraine have been successfully completed in the countries participating in the Convention on the Common Transit Procedure. Ukraine has successfully completed more than 4 thousand movements initiated by the customs authorities of other member states.

After the launch of the joint transit system, a number of Ukrainian financial institutions received the status of "Guarantor". INGO Insurance Company was one of the first to confirm this status and continues to hold a leading position in terms of both general and individual guarantees, which is confirmed by statistics.

Shipments were made to 29 countries out of 34 possible using INGO guarantees.

Currently, INGO has 40 regular customers, which indicates an active demand for its services. The insurance company provides 75% of total guarantees (15 out of 20). In addition, it has successfully registered 1,136 individual guarantees, which is 83% of their total number. The INGO guarantee is used in 59% of all T1 declarations issued from Ukraine for export (about 11.4 thousand). To simplify the issuance of individual guarantees, INGO has created a partner's office, which is open around the clock 7 days a week.

INGO strives to provide reliable protection and the highest level of service to its customers by helping to simplify and make customs procedures in Ukraine and abroad more efficient. On the way to this goal, INGO continues to improve its services and expand its capabilities. This success is the result of our expertise, deep understanding of processes and continuous innovation.

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