Voluntary Health Insurance

Insured case. What to do ?
Organization of medical assistance
  1. For receiving the inpatient, outpatient-polyclinic or dental care due to any health disorder, you may contact our round-the-clock medical call center of JSIC “INGO” by calling one of the following numbers:

    • (044) 495 82 00
    • (067)  214 00 03
    • (050)  11 90 140
    • 0 800 214 003 (free of charge from landline telephones)

    send a request via email:


  2. When contacting a doctor, give him the following information:

    • Full name;
    • Number of the insurance policy;
    • Reason for reference to a doctor.

  3. For calling an ambulance crew due to any health disorder, you may contact a multiline phone:

    • (044)  495 82 03
    • 0 800 21 86 68 (free telephone line to call from landline telephones all over Ukraine)


Dear customers! Service 103 ON-LINE applications for medical care is used only for the provision of routine medical care.

For emergency conditions, call: (044) 495-82-03

Information about you
Wishes to the organization of medical care
Priority time

The list of medical institutions for the service of insured persons

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