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Here are several stages:

Fill out an application for CTPCI
The manager will inform you about insurance options
Pay and get your contract at your email

Indicate the preliminary data about
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When there are so many insurance companies in the country, you always wonder – which one would I cooperate with?

The most logical recommendation is to better cooperate with that insurance company, which reliably, quickly and fully performs its obligations undertaken.

JSIC “INGO” has gained a great and serious reputation more than 25 years of active work.

In other words,

And the stability is our confidence that in case of occurrence, we will tackle your financial issues.

Meanwhile, we will not play a “paper football”, putting off the indemnity date (or even its probability) in every possible way.

+ UAH 103 mln
Indemnities totaling were paid to clients in 2020 only under CTPCI
It is about
12 Land Rover
+ UAH 119 mln
Indemnities totaling were paid in 2020
It is about
16 Lexus cars
+ 480
We monthly pay 480 indemnities on the average
It is about
8 Audi cars

According to the study of the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) with evaluation of the performance of insurance companies, we got a “green light” (maximum reliability performance) on all three characteristics: loss settlement quality, level of claims from the aggrieved persons, overall assessment of the work quality.

INGO is the service!

Take out CTPCI online!

For taking out a CTPCI policy, it is required to provide the following original documents or their copies:

  • vehicle registration certificate;
  • Ukrainian passport;
  • driving license of the Insured.

To save your time, at JSIC “INGO” you may take out a CTPCI policy online. It is comfortable for several reasons:


It takes 1 minute for buying a policy. You enter information about your car (model, year of manufacture, plate number), fill out several lines in the form, pay its value online – and we will send you a policy to your email.


You obtain an electronic CTPCI policy, which is officially registered in the MTIBU database, it has the same legal force as the paper-based contract.


The online policy has an affordable value; it is due to saving costs for blank forms and delivery. It is fully legitimate, because it is also entered in CTPCI database.


The online service will automatically remind of the forthcoming end of the policy period and offer several convenient options for its extension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, for traveling abroad, you need to take out a special policy ‘Green Card’. If the insured accident occurs beyond Ukraine, the indemnities under CTPCI are not paid.
Paragraph 13.1 of the Law of Ukraine on CTPCI Insurance stipulates that the insurance shall not applicable to the combatants, war invalids, disabled persons of I group, persons driving a car registered for the disabled person of I group, in his presence.
In case of loss of a CTPCI policy, it is required to contact the insurance company’s office where you bought a policy; there you will be able to receive its duplicate.
It is the opportunity of independent documentary proof of the traffic accident for further application to the insurance company for receiving indemnity for the damages sustained. The European Accident Statement allows the participants involved in traffic accident to promptly drive away not expecting for the police in order not to back up traffic.
The virtual analog of the policy is signed with the enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature of the Insured. It is the official document, it cannot be forged, and immediately after taking out, it is added to the database of the insurance company as well as CTPCI database.
The law prohibits driving a car without CTPCI. Therefore, the insurance policy should be taken out before registration of the transport vehicle. The maximum permissible period for taking out a policy is not later than three days after purchasing a car.
There are two cases:
If this year you have taken out a CTPCI policy with the limited list of drivers, and next year, you plan to buy a policy without limiting the number of drivers.
If a break in CTPCI insurance was over 1 year (including, if during a year, there was a fact of driving a car with a forged policy).
According to the current legislation, the cars (as well as mopeds and motorcycles), which the owner uses for personal purposes, should be insured for 12 months. Meanwhile, if it refers to the trucks, trailers, buses, cars transporting cargo and passengers – the vehicles should be insured until the next technical inspection.
This term is actively used by representatives of the insurance sphere and means a system of bonuses (discounts, increases, special offers, loyalty programs). Their amount depends on the extent of careful driving of the clients (i.e., whether the client had any traffic accident during the previous policy periods).

Over 25-year work experience on the market

28 licenses for different classes of compulsory and voluntary insurance. We provide insurance services to corporate and retail clients.

Represented by 22 affiliates for servicing clients all over Ukraine.

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