Perils insured
The insurance covers ALL RISKS, i.e. any material damages resulting from any actions, except for special exclusions.
Insurance Objects
  1. Cranes of different types (tower, self-climbing, dockside, mast, truck etc.);
  2. Earthmoving machines and equipment (bulldozers, excavators, loaders, road graders, road rollers, cross country trucks, pipelaying machines etc.);
  3. Transportable concreting plants;
  4. Different transport vehicles at the construction site (trailers, pickup trucks, trucks);
  5. Drilling and propellant equipment;
  6. Slow moving or temporarily stationary equipment, asphalt pavers, concrete pump equipment, locomotives on the territory of the construction site
  • The standard insurance period is one year. In case if the machinery and equipment are insured within the specific construction or erection project, the maximum insurance period for them is the project completion period.