Insurance Objects
construction and erection works;
erected equipment;
temporary buildings and structures;
existing client’s property on the construction site (for example, in case of construction of a new building, adjacent to the constructed building, or repair works in the company premises);
costs for clearing works after occurrence of the insured event
Insurance risks
  1. fire, explosion, lightning stroke, falling of flying vehicles;
  2. natural disasters (hurricane, earthquake, flooding etc.);
  3. construction and erection errors;
  4. negligence of workers, technical staff;
  5. accident resulting from defects of insured materials and objects;
  6. falling of objects, breaking of chains and ropes;
  7. increased or decreased pressure, break due to centrifugal effect;
  8. wrongful acts of third parties;
  9. burglary
If agreed with the Insured, the insurance coverage remains valid within the period of:
  • prepositioning;
  • works performance;
  • commissioning works;
  • contractor performance of post-launch warranty liabilities