Insurance Objects
Property interests of the Insured not contradicting the current legislation of Ukraine and relating to its obligation to indemnify for the damage caused to property, life or health of Third Parties and attributable to defects of the products sold / manufactured by the Insured or reporting unreliable or insufficient information about products by the Insured.
Insurance risks
  1. The insured event is recognized as the event, which occurred as the result of negligence, error or omission when performing the Insured activity, which then led to unintended damage to property or life or health of Third Parties resulting from using manufactured (sold) defective product or performed works as the result of:
  2. non-conformity of product (work, service) quality, which conforms to the contract, sample, description, certificate or other quality standard;
  3. breach of the product service life, durability as well as warranty period;
  4. product security breach under standard conditions of its use (storage, transportation and disposal) or works (services) security breach under standard conditions of their performance;
  5. reporting false information about products (works, services).
  • The limit of liability for one and each insured event and in total for the whole insurance period is set upon mutual agreement of the Parties.