Insurance object
Legitimate property interests of the Insured, relating to its obligation, according to the procedure established by the civil legislation of Ukraine and / or the norms of international law, to indemnify for the damage caused by it to third parties as the result of occurrence.
Insurance risks
  1. liability to crew members
  2. liability to third parties not being crew members
  3. liability for collision with other vessels
  4. liability for the damage caused to fixed and floating objects
  5. liability for environmental pollution by oil and other substances
  6. liability for preservation of freight during transportation
  7. costs incurred to prevent and mitigate losses, investigate circumstances of occurrences and legal costs
  8. other risks accepted in the international practice of liability insurance
We additionally provide special coverage for the following lines:
  • liability of the time charterer
  • liability in case of conducting rescue operations by the insured vessel
  • liability in case of conducting deep dredging, ground removing, cable or pipe laying operations
  • liability as the result of military risks
  • costs entailed by confiscation of the insured vessel