INGO provides you with opportunities to become an insurance sales agent for such products as:
  • compulsory third-party car insurance
  • voluntary third-party liability
  • accident and others on mutually beneficial terms.
Options for cooperation
  1. Signing the master insurance contract for the whole fleet

    The outline of the master contract all insurance conditions are specified in the master contract, which is signed for the whole period of cooperation:
    - for accounting the insured vehicles, the bordererau is created and signed for the certain period with the list of insured vehicles;
    - the insurance contracts / certificates (with minimum insurance terms) are issued.
  2. Individual insurance contracts for each vehicle

    The outline of individual contracts for each vehicle - an individual insurance contract is issued from the database for each individual vehicle
How to become our partner?
  1. Submit an application
  2. To approve insurance products / terms of insurance
  3. Then the insurance terms are agreed, and the commercial offer is prepared
  4. To sign a cooperation contract