Insurance Objects
cattle, pig and poultry stock for industrial breeding;
sheep and goats;
thoroughbred horses and warm-blooded horses;
fur animals
Insurance risks
  1. fire, lightning strike
  2. stroke
  3. natural disasters (storm, hurricane, hailstorm, downpour, snowstorm, landslide, earthquake, rockfall, avalanche)
  4. theft, robbery or mugging
  5. electrocution
  6. non-communicable diseases
  7. infectious diseases (the list is separately specified in the insurance contract)
  8. poisoning on the range lands by grasses or chemical substances
  9. snake or poisonous insect bites
  10. drowning
  11. falling into the gorge, pit etc.
  12. getting hit by the moving vehicle
  13. attack of wild animals and feral dogs
  • If the parties so agree, the list of insurance risks can be extended, unless it contradicts the current legislation.