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Insured case. What to do ?
If any of the insured accidents enlisted in your insurance contract occurred with you, you should:
  1. Take all possible measures on preventing and mitigating losses.
  2. Notify of the occurrence to the public authorities responsible for investigation of such accident occurrence:

    • in case of fire – Fire Control Service bodies (tel.101);

    • in case of water damage – Housing Maintenance and Repair Administration, Housing Management Office, State Maintenance and Repair Service or other emergency service;

    • in case of the burglary and wrongful acts of third parties – internal affairs agencies (tel. 102).

  3. Within 2 days (without counting the weekends and holidays) from occurrence of the insured accident, to notify JSIC “INGO Ukraine” indicating the full name, contact number, № of the insurance contract (policy), date and time of occurrence, place of occurrence, nature of the insured accident.

  4. When possible, to preserve the damaged property in the form, in which it happened to be after the occurrence. The change of the damages pattern is acceptable, if it is required for safety reasons and subject to the written consent of JSIC “INGO Ukraine”.

  5. On business days, 09:00 am – 06:00 pm, to set the time for inspection of damaged property. To jointly draw up the inspection report and description of damaged (lost) property.

  6. To submit the application on occurrence with the original signature.

  7. To provide documents from the respective competent authorities and services proving the occurrence to the Property and Technical Risk Insurance Department of JSIC “INGO Ukraine”.

This notice may be given as follows:
  • By calling: (044) 490-2744, 490-2745, 490-2749 Mn-Fr 09:00 am - 06:00 pm.
  • Fax: (044) 490-2748 24/7
  • By mail / wire: the dispatch date indicated on the postmark is considered as the date of notice of the occurrence to JSIC “INGO Ukraine”
  • Postal address: 01054, Kyiv, 33 Bulvarno-Kudriavska Str., JSIC “INGO Ukraine”. Property and Technical Risk Insurance Department.
  • Via email:
  • You may download an application form here: Property Application Form.
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