Insurance object
The insurance covers all types of freight forwarded by any transport in the entire world. The insurance coverage is provided for the whole period of transportation, including the transshipment and intermediate storage. In addition, you may also insure the indirect losses occurring in case of the insured event (expected profit, commission, freight, expenses).
Insurance risks
  1. «All risks» — all risks are insured on these conditions, except for those specified in the exclusions
  2. «With particular average» — this condition has the fixed list of risks for which the Insurer is liable and is mainly suitable for transportation by sea
  3. «Free of particular average» — the Insured is liable in case of total loss of all freight or its part. The damages are covered only in case of any occurrence with transport vehicle (wreck)
JSIC «INGO» offers transport operators and freight owners to cooperate in cargo insurance, namely:
  • receipt by the freight owner of full indemnification for incurred losses from the insurance company in those cases when the freight is damaged / stolen / lost, and the transport operator liability does not arise (for example, freight loss resulting from natural disaster)
  • costs incurred to insure company’s freight transportation relate to the gross expenditures
  • the insurance contract may be concluded for one-time haulage as well as haulages carried out within the certain period of time
  • the cargo insurance with automatic coverage of its storage in warehouses with the transport route for 2 months
  • the possibility of quick and qualitative loss settlement due to presence of own or involved adjusters