Drone insurance
Equipment and liability cover

For what purposes is the insurance program suitable?

The programs cover the use of drones of different weights and sizes. The Insured may use a drone, quadcopter and other UAVs for any purpose, including:

Aerial photography:
creating video surveys, obtaining high-definition geographic data, use in cinema, mass media and telecommunications.
spraying, watering and crop control
Special purpose:
meteorology, cartography, fire control, emergency rescue measures, monitoring of pipelines, power lines.

What can you insure?

  • The subject matter of insurance may be the drone, quadcopter and other UAVs (its body and additional equipment), and third-party liability for the damage to life, health and / or property.
  • In the third-party liability insurance program, after assessing all factors and risks, the amount of coverage and limits of liability must be provided. The program also indicates the rate, the policy period and the coverage territory.

The main risks for drones, helicopters and other UAVs

The list of main risks in the unmanned aircraft and liability insurance program includes:

  • air collisions;
  • storage and transportation;
  • loss of control.
  • What influences risk assessment?

  • level of operator’s training and experience;
  • field of use;
  • frequency of drone operation;
  • loss history.
  • Other factors taken into account in the insurance program and the calculation of insurance limit:

  • Flight mode: flight in line of sight or not.
  • Device weight: maximum take-off weight.
  • Altitude: flight at high or low altitude.
  • Location: the presence of settlements in the flight zone.
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